How To Brew:
French Press

The Classic French Press

Arguably the most polarizing brewing method around, and famous for its robust and gritty structure, the French press method is all about the details.

Along with measuring out the coffee and water, it’s important to focus on timing: when to break the crust, when to decant. Do it right and you'll never go back.

Step 1. The Prep

Boil about 8 ounces more water than you need for brewing. You will use this for brewing as well as preheating your French press.

Once the kettle boils, preheat the French press by pouring about 8 ounces of water into it. Once the French press is warm, pour that same water into your mugs to preheat them.

Step 2. The Grind (Coarse)

The best coffee is made when ground just before brewing. Freshly ground coffee begins to oxidize and age immediately -- timing is key.

Choosing the right grind is equally important. For the French press, we recommend coarse grind.

Step 3. The Start

Set the timer for 4–6 minutes. A shorter brew time will produce a brighter cup. A longer brew time will produce a sweeter cup.

Start the timer as you begin to pour the freshly boiled hot water. Completely saturate the grounds as you pour.

Step 4. The Bloom

The coffee grounds will float on top of the water and form a crust. Let this sit for 1 minute.

This essential step allows the coffee to degas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee.

This is called the bloom.

Step 5. The Stir

After 1 minute, break the crust with a spoon in a downward motion.

Begin regularly stirring the coffee every 10–30 seconds to keep the coffee from settling at the bottom of the French press. This will ensure a full and even extraction.

Stop stirring 1 minute before the timer is up to finally let the grounds settle at the bottom. This will help keep some sediment out of your cup.

Step 6. The Plunge

Place the plunger on the French press and press it down slowly to ½” above the layer of coffee grounds at the bottom.

Pour out the water preheating the mugs, and serve the coffee. You made it to the end, now enjoy.


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