How To Brew:

The Best Espresso At Home

Home espresso machines are much like cars. There are economy models, and there are models for those doing extremely well in any economy. Yet regardless of your
at-home setup, perfecting an espresso pull takes time, patience, and love.

This approach, perfected after years of testing in our labs, rewards the patient coffee aficionado with clean and balanced results. A cup you can be proud of.

Step 1. The Prep

Use a clean, dry cloth to thoroughly wipe the portafilter so it is free of any coffee grounds and residual oils.

Weigh the coffee. Adjust your grinder to grind the coffee similar to the above reference.

How much coffee you use is dependent on your portafilter basket size. Most of the time, it is between 14 and 18 grams. Make sure you know what you have, and use a scale to weigh your dose for accuracy.

Step 2. The Grind (Fine)

The best coffee is made when ground just before brewing. Freshly ground coffee begins to oxidize and age immediately -- timing is key.

Choosing the right grind is equally important. For the French press, we recommend fine grind.

Step 3. The Tamp

Make an even bed of coffee.
Don’t leave any gaps or mounds.

Grasp the tamper and press firmly down on the coffee in the portafilter. Use enough pressure to compact the coffee grounds into a puck.

Step 4. The Pull

Gently insert the portafilter and ensure it is seated tightly in the grouphead.

Pull the espresso to the target weight—around 2.5 times the weight of the ground coffee.

Start your timer at the same time that you start the espresso.

Step 5. Clean Up & Serve

Once you’ve pulled your espresso, remove the portafilter from the grouphead, and knock out the spent puck from the portafilter basket into the trash or a knockbox.

Enjoy immediately, you've earned it.


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