How To Brew:
Drip Coffee

Automatic Drip Machine

Automatic drip is how most of us first learned to make coffee, dropping freshly ground coffee into the filter basket of a Bonavita or Hamilton Beach brewer, pushing the button, and waiting for the results.

And while the drip’s brewing technology hasn’t changed much over the years, using a methodical approach—in terms of coffee and water weight—will yield the best results: clean and balanced.

Step 1. The Prep

Weigh your coffee and water. We recommend 32g of coffee beans for every 525g of water. Once weighed, pour water into the reservoir.

This will make two 8 oz. cups of coffee -- perfectly balanced.

Step 2. The Grind (Medium)

The best coffee is made when ground just before brewing. Freshly ground coffee begins to oxidize and age immediately -- timing is key.

Choosing the right grind is equally important. For automatic drip machines we recommend medium grind.

Add the coffee to the filter, and try to distribute it evenly and level.

Step 3. The Brew

If your machine is equipped with a bloom function, make sure that is enabled. Start your machine.

Please let all of the coffee brew before taking any coffee from the carafe.

The coffee’s flavor is developing over the entire duration of the brewing process.


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