Coffee Services:

Repair, Buyback & Leasing

Our company is passionate about providing a high standard of service to the hospitality and foodservice industry. With over 25 years experience in the business of coffee and coffee related equipment, we understand the needs and concerns of our customers and the importance of quality and reliable service.

We pride ourselves on efficient services that are performed by our highly trained staff using only genuine parts and State Of The Art tools. It’s no surprise that most food chains and coffee shops rely on us for service.

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Equipment Leasing

We employ some of the most advanced equipment available in the industry, carefully selected through years of experienced trial and error; we simply know what works.

For qualifying accounts, we have a flexible leasing program allowing you to take advantage of this equipment at the ground level of your business immediately.

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Service Calls

Once we receive a service call, one of our qualified technicians will have a chat with you on the phone to discover the nature of the problem before sending someone to the site.

Sometimes there is a simple fault that, with guidance, the customer can resolve themselves. If this can be achieved it saves both the customer and ourselves time and money. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we aim to get to the customer as soon as possible.

Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Our expert technicians handle periodic and preventative measures, ensuring the longevity of your equipment. From the ground up, we can also help recover and restore any machine you provide.

However, for those critical moments, we are there to help.
Call in to our on-call support number and we'll get someone over to you ASAP.

Dose & Grind Settings

Having spent 25 years fine tuning our own machines, let us optimize yours. We are experts at looking for the small details that bleed productivity in any organization. 

Running a well-oiled operation is a matter of experience, rely on ours.

Barista Training

We provide expert guidance in developing your staff to the detailed world of coffee and impeccable service.

Barista training is not just how to use all the coffee equipment, and theory behind drink making. Instead, it’s a complete framework on how to take your baristas and the products your coffee shop serves and discover how to talk coffee with your customers in the simplest way possible without sounding arrogant and educating your clientele about what drinks are best for them.

We help train your baristas to consistently deliver amazing customer service that will turn your customers from casual coffee drinkers to raving fans of your business.


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