510_CL_PRO_INOX                                                TECHNICAL FEATURES:
- a steel plate body painted with thermosetting epoxy powders, colours: metallic or stainless steel body
- 200cc. brass boiler and 1000W heating element
- Coffee delivery unit equipped for single dose pod (on demand: double dose pod holder)
- Hot water pipe
- Swivelling steam pipe
- Automatic milk frother with self cleaning device
- Stainless steel heated cup tray
- Steam pressure gauge
- 5 liter water tank with low water warning light and automatic stop of machine in case of lack of water (on demand direct connection to the water mains)
- Feeding: 220/240V – 50/60 Hz or 110V – 60 Hz
- Max. Power: 1300W
- NET WEIGHT: 21,6 kg
Upon request, with minimum batch of 15 items, it is possible to personalise the units with the client’s colours and logos.

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La SpazIale S5 Single

S5_COMPACT_EK_2_gruppi S5_EK_1_gruppi S5_EK_3_gruppiS5_quote


Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting (EK)
• Semiautomatic coffee machine with free-flow delivery (EP)
• Electronic boiler refill
• Electric heating system
• Double pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control
• 1 hot water outlet / 2 steam wands
• Electronic boiler temperature regulation
• Boiler temperature indicated by LED display
• Automatic operating temperature boost function
• Control of malfunctions alarms
• Built-in volumetric pump in the S5 EK – EP T.A. version
• Built-in volumetric pump on request in the S5 EK – EP version
• Electric cup warmer available on request

Possibility to deactivate the electric heating system
• Gas heating system available on request only in the S5 EK – EP version
• Upgraded boiler heating element available on request
• Taller cup guard available on request
• Distance of 16 cm between delivery spouts and drip tray for ”take
away” cups in the S5 EK – EP T.A. version
• Removable supporting grid for espresso cups in the S5 EK – EP T.A.

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Dimensions:    Width: 13 in,   Depth: 22 in,    Height: 30 in

From the classic espresso to the latte macchiato, coffee specialty trends come from Italy. With the WMF Presto you get the authentic Italian taste as well. The unique barista button now makes it even easier to satisfy your clients’ individual requirements. Simply press the touch screen button to have the next coffee prepared stronger of weaker as your client desires.

In addition the pre-heater function ensures that even after an extended idle time, the next espresso is always as hot. All the parts in contact with the coffee are heated to the correct temperature on command. With the WMF presto you always get a perfect coffee… as made by a barista.

Good coffee is an important cultural asset, and good coffee from the atmospheric WMF Presto coffee machine is a real highlight. Sources of light in different colors strike a unique note in the cafe, on the bar or even at the office.

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Dimensions & Weight: Height: 33 in, Width: 18 in, Depth: 22 in, Weight: 176 lbs

Super Automatic Espresso Machine designed for medium to large volume applications. Easy drink selection for over 48 beverages with the touch of a button. Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Hot Chocolate and Mocha are only a few of the available beverages. Multiple milk refrigeration options, dual milk solution (optional), and two available power configurations, define the new WMF bistro!

Effective Design: The WMF Bistro PowerSteam boasts a noble and stylish design in sleek chrome with a sturdy die-cast aluminum interior. This remarkable all-rounder produces perfect quality beverages with the reliability you’ve come to expect from a WMF coffee machine. This machine features a minimum flow rate of two liters per minute. Fourteen freely programmable variants allow you to program requests from your customers with ease.

Adjustable Outlet: This versatile machine is designed to adapt to your needs. The vertically adjustable outlet is optimal whether you are making single or double cups, or small or large pots.

Informative Display: The easy-to-read display panel includes all work steps, the selected product, and other useful information. You’ll always know exactly where you stand with the WMF Bistro PowerSteam. The touch pad controls require only light finger pressure.

Ergonomic Keypad: This machine features an ergonomic keypad that is variable and exchangeable, making it easy to adapt the keys to your supply.

Grounds Space: Dried coffee grounds can be disposed of in a large, knockout box that provides ample storage space.

Manual Feed: This machine features a manual feed for ground coffee, allowing you to brew an additional variety quickly and easily. Decaf is a breeze with the WMF Bistro PowerSteam!

Self-Cleaning: Easily removable, the cold water tank boasts a built-in rechargeable water softener that retains scale, thus avoiding build-up in the machine. It guarantees purified water that will enhance the flavor of your drinks.

Dual Grinders: Two optional grinders make it easy to provide different roasts of espresso and cafe creme to your customers for a delicious drink every time.

Traditional Steamer: The WMF Bistro PowerSteam boasts a traditional steam jet for milk frothing by hand. This design allows you to determine the quantity and quality of the milk froth.

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Commercial Espresso Grinder

astro12• Automatic
• 12 Instantaneo
• Flat blades
• Dose counting device
• Motor: 1400 rpm/min
• Bean hopper capacity
• Power supply 230 V
• Weight 11,5 Kg
Dimensions:P = 372 mm L = 230 mm H = 605 mm

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